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Basenji Information worth knowing




Basenji Illness  Should symptoms persist for longer than 24 hours it is advisable to consult your veterinarian or your Animal Homeotherapist. Basenjis have a long life expectancy. Generally, they are healthy and robust.  One hears of runaway Basenjis  Dakota Report  who have managed to survive for long periods of time  without human help.  Unfortunately, Basenjis are no different to other dogs when it comes to illness.  In order to give breeders and owners good basis for making the right decisions for their dogs.


   Illness problems  


I would like to outline  some typical Basenji  illness problems . A  responsible Basenji owner, who observe his basenji, is well informed and able to answer questions posed by the veterinarian. With careful observation of your Basenji, you can help to make the veterinarianís job easier.