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Basenji Information worth knowing



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To which illnesses are Basenjis susceptible? The Basenji is predisposed to some genetic ailments because the gene pool was limited to just a few dogs when the breed was introduced to the West from Africa.

Inheritable illnesses: All discussed diseases are listened on the Internet.


Cancer CA, Fanconi FS, Hemolytic Anemia HA, Hipdysplasia HD, Persistant Membrane PPM, Progressive Retinal Atrophy PRA   Please practice  test methods 

If youíre concerned about the health of your Basenji, the chances are he has a common problem.


Allergies can have various causes. Allergies are not really distinguishable from other skin trouble except by labatory tests. Hair and skin problems can have various causes. Their pelt should always be smooth and silky.

Problems with movement can have various causes.

Observe for weight loss, changes in bowel movements, development of discharges. Male dogs should have their testicles checked periodically for masses or other abnormalities.


Note should be taken of heat cycles in the bitch, and the mammary glands should be checked for development of masses or abnormal discharge from the fourth year on.

Observe for changes in drinking and urination habits and write it down.

Observe  for development of tendency to vomit or have diarrhea.

If your dog develops a tendency to scoot himself along the floor, his anal glands may be clogged.


Ask your veterinarian about worms and other parasites.

Observe  cancer   Cancer is very often the cause of death

If your dog has tooth problems, your veterinarian can remove tatar and plaque. It is necessary to occasionally have their teeth checked and cleaned to preserve their teeth.


This list is not completed, because Iím not a veterinarian; I only like to write about health care. My request is that you give your Basenji the best care by making sure to have a medical checkup immediately if there are any suspicion of ill health. If your dog is ill, make sure to consult a veterinarian.

Animal Psychology   Animal Homeopathy



Tips End of Life  Basenji Age and End of Life


Special thanks to the veterinarians,  who helped with their advice for this information about the health of Basenjis.

Ms Dr. Jennifer H. Yearly  USA


Ms Katrin Jansen  


Illness Information

Please feel free to inform me, if you have new information about the health care of the Basenji. Thank you very much. Ulrike Brammer  email